Brief introduction about the city Yancheng
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Brief introduction about the city Yancheng

Yancheng is the coastal city in Eastern Jiangsu, located to the north wing of Shanghai. It is one of the top 100 National Strongest Prefectural Region Economic Entities, the National Health City, China Excellent Tourism City, National Advanced Sustainable Development Demonstration area ,it is also a Provincial Civilized and Good City in public security in Jiangsu province

China Elk Township--Yancheng. There are about1789 heads of the existing world rare animal -- elks(wapitis) in the world's largest elk natural reserve area in the world, which was awarded the "China Elk Township" title. Yancheng has grand rich in cultural history, it is Shi Naian 's hometown, the author of "The Water Margin", one of the China's four great classical novels. Yancheng has the only protection zone for ancient salt transport and distribution in China. 

The capital of wetland--Yancheng . It has the largest wetland in the West Coast of the Pacific , an area of 1000 square kilometers,which is listed in the protection directory of world important wetlands.

The City Harbor of Yellow sea --- Yancheng. Yancheng port in central Jiangsu is the only passage to the sea, the national first-class port opening to the outside world, the port can open direct shipping lines to Taiwan . Coastal speedway is closed to urban area, it is only 210 kilometers away from Shanghai by car, has integrated into the two-hour economic circle around Shanghai . First class of open Airport -- Yancheng Nanyang International Airport is near to the urban area, the airport was opened air routes to Seoul in South Korea, Hongkong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Changsha etc.. The industrial foundation in Yancheng is good, for instance, cold precision forging, heat treatment, air compressor, shot blasting machine and other traditional industries as well as wind power equipment manufacturing, new petrochemical materials, marine biology and other emerging industries developing rapidly.

Yancheng is the enclave of Shanghai.The Shanghai Yancheng Farm Area covers 307 square kilometers, it is the largest" extraterritorial enclave" outside of Shanghai. There have been 80,000 Shanghai youths have ever worked and lived in here, built with Shanghai Youth Memorial Museum and Youth Film Base. At present, Yancheng is accelerating the implementation of the core strategy about" the development of Shanghai and Yancheng Costal Area should be coordinated together", Yancheng Costal Area should be resorted to Shanghai, which would promote Yancheng Coastal Area to speed up the construction of Shanghai emerging industry and the demonstration zone for Shanghai industry transfer, put the " The Enclave of Pudong"under construction as well.

In the new condition with Jiangsu Coastal area development update to national strategies and the acceleration of integration in Yangtze Delta area, as the central Jiangsu coast city, Yancheng has the unique advantage for development, and will get wide prospects.

Port and coastline. Yancheng port has opened many shipping lines to Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States etc., in October 2010, Yancheng seaport opened official direct line to Taiwan Keelung. The current total handling capacity is 15,000,000 tons, and will be exceed 100 million tons of handling capacity to the year of 2015. The city has 112 km long coastline, among them, about 29 km is deepwater coastline, the development of port industry is favorably endowed by the natural conditions here.

Land and beach.The area of the cultivated land per capita in Yancheng is the biggest in Jiangsu province, the costal beach area is also the biggest in the whole nation.The city has more than 1000 square kilometers of beach area, and increases more than 20,000 acres of additional land formed by the affection of the ocean currents every year, therefore, nearly 50,000 acres of earth land is increased each year through development and reclamation.

The island and the sea. Yancheng has sea area of 5000 square kilometers, and another radiational alluvion sand-island covers 1000 square kilometers, the latent capacity to develop the marine industry is infinite.

Wind energy and solar energy.The total planned wind farm (including the Intertidal zone)is about 10 million kilowatt, it is occupied about one third of the total wind farm in the whole province.The yearly sunshine duration is about 2238.9 hours. It is infinite prospect to develop the wind farm、photovoltaic industry and their complementary industry.

In the duration of the twelfth national five-year development plan, Yancheng will closely focus on the target of " to lead North Jiangsu, catching-up and surpass Middle Jiangsu, ascend into South Jiangsu, blend in Shanghai, try the best to develop a happy and prosperous Yancheng."carry out energetically the four policies which are: to strengthen the city by developing the industry,to coordinate the Coast area with Shanghai, to become an ecological city, and to revitalize it by tourism.Develop the urban and harbor city into "dual-core" area, and change the gateway to harbor into "one industry belt".Strength three supports of organization, science technology and financial industry to realize the great-leap-forward development, to build a new happy city. At the end of "the twelfth five-year plan", the general budget revenue will exceed RMB 10 billion,the total investment in fixed assets will break through RMB 100 billion, and GDP per capita exceed USD 10 thousand, the total handling capacity of Yancheng seaport will exceed 100 million tons.

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